Berlin Buzzwords

Berlin Buzzwords is Europe’s leading conference for modern data infrastructure, search and machine learning. You’ll find all the buzzwords, presented by leading experts, demystifying and educating an international audience on a range of modern industry trends. It provides a platform for developers, engineers, IT architects, analysts and data scientists who are interested in information retrieval, the searchability of large amounts of data, NoSQL and big data processing.


The conference was founded by Isabel Drost-Fromm (Member of the Apache Software Foundation, PMC member Apache community development and co-founder of Apache Mahout), Jan Lehnardt (PMC member Apache CouchDB) and Simon Willnauer (PMC member Apache Lucene). 

The first Berlin Buzzwords took place in 2009. After two completely virtual editions, returned as a hybrid event in 2022. 

The next edition of Berlin Buzzwords will take place June 9-11th, 2024 in Berlin & Online.