Recent Projects

Berlin Buzzwords

Berlin Buzzwords: is Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data with a focus on open source software projects. Berlin Buzzwords is a wholly Plain Schwarz organized conference and has been running for over 10 years enabling us to draw on a wealth of experience.

Virtual Berlin Buzzwords: In 2020, facing the challenge of the Covid -19 pandemic, we teamed up with Haystack the search relevance conference and MICES the e-commerce search event to deliver a week of virtual talks, panel discussions, workshop and training session. Please find out more here.

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ApacheCon Europe

As the organizing team behind ApacheCon EU 2019 we worked with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to realize their goal of a European conference dedicated to Apache projects. ApacheCon is the place to come to learn what Apache projects are doing. Projects can strengthen their communities here and build bridges to other projects. We discussed the latest innovations in containers, cloud, DevOps, IoT, servers, web frameworks, and many other Apache projects and communities in a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment.

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FOSS Backstage

FOSS Backstage is a Plain Schwarz organized and run conference founded in 2018. It is dedicated to everything related to FOSS governance and open collaboration. The conference provides a space to discuss community management, vendor neutrality and leading projects without discretionary power. Topics include open source project leadership best practices, community management, open source project metrics, open source strategy for enterprise, adopting open source collaboration in corporations and legal matters when dealing with open source.

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