Paul Berschick

Paul has been involved in the organization of conferences and tech events since 2014. He started out as a communications and project manager at newthinking where he worked on projects such as droidcon, Maker Faire and re:publica. At Plain Schwarz he is an allrounder, enjoying the full range of tasks: from the meticulous planning beforehand to the excitement (and troubleshooting) of event production. Paul studied Communications, Politics and Italian at Freie Universität Berlin. He is an avid committer of all things open source and implements it not only in his professional life.  He likes sheep, great books and taking deep dives into all kinds of niche topics, so if you fancy, let’s say, some cricket chat, he’s happy to talk to you!

Alexander Brateanu

Alex is interested in the interactions of technology and society. During his studies of political science and communication science at the Technical University of Dresden he organized political campaigns and promoted the use of open source software. As a project manager for FOSS Backstage he once again brings people together to exchange ideas and come up with new solutions.

Sven Spiller

Sven is the newest addition to the Plain Schwarz team. Before organizing open source events, Sven studied Chemistry in the beautiful city of Münster in North-Rhine Westphalia. As Communication and Community manager, Sven is responsible for keeping the world up to date on all Plain Schwarz projects.