Tools & Partners

As a company, we believe in the power of Open Source Software. We use the following tools on a regular basis for our projects:

Pretix is an Open Source ticketing software developed by It provides full-scale ticketing management and offers customizable ticket shops, marketing features such as vouchers and discount codes, payment support with support for multiple payment providers, mobile tickets, as well as on-site features such as check-in tools, lead scanning and point-of sale; along with administrative features.

We have been using pretix as ticketing software e.g. for our own conferences FOSS Backstage and Berlin Buzzwords, as well as for partner projects such as Univention Summit and Haystack EU.

From setting up an online ticket shop to check-in at the event: We’ll take care of the entire process and advice you on best practices along the way.

Pretalx is an Open Source conference management software developed by It provides adaptable functionalities for CfP-, speaker-, talk- and schedule management.

We have been using Pretalx as conference management tool e.g. for our conferences FOSS Backstage and Berlin Buzzwords.

With pretalx we can make it easy for your team to review program proposals, build a great schedule and keep speakers in the loop.

Venueless is an Open Sourve event hosting platform developed by, that combines live-streaming with powerful communication tools into a complete digital event experience.

We have been using Venueless as event platform for our own conferences FOSS Backstage and Berlin Buzzwords, as well as for partner projects such as Univention Summit, BiSS Transfer Jahrestagung or Europe takes Part.

From configuring the plattform to integration with external tools or ticketing: We’ll setup an easy to use and rock solid online event plattform for you. We can also offer our experience on best practices with networking, speaker onboarding and how to present you content online.

We also partner with other companies to provide services that we don’t offer ourselves. You can find some of our partners below:

WECAP provides multi-camera recording, live streaming, video and event production services. Their crew designs and produces customised audio and visual media solutions to bring your events to the world.

Since 2012 WECAP has been responsible for recording up to 4 simultaneously running stages and providing video on demand services at Berlin Buzzwords.

From design and layout to print – bandung³ offers high quality print products and advertising media of all kinds!

brandung³ provides print products such as signage, banners and badges for our events for more than ten years.

Under Pleasure is a merchandise company that specializes in textile products of all kinds. 

Under Pleasure has been providing merchandise e.g for our own conference Berlin Buzzwords.